Oxygen Barriers for Additive Masterbatches and Concentrates

Oxygen Barrier Additives for Custom Color Masterbatches

Available for our EMEA customers. Please contact us for more information.

Plastic materials are increasingly used as lightweight packaging material for food and juices.  However, the oxygen transmission rate and absorption of plastic materials affects the freshness and longevity of packaged foods.  Both passive and active barriers are used to overcome oxygen ingress or egress.  Oxygen scavenging agents are typically added to plastic during processing of the article and act as a barrier to oxygen or which absorb oxygen trapped in the container. 

Americhem offers multiple solutions to the food packing industry in combatting oxygen and extending the useful life of the packaged contents.

Custom Color Concentrates Through Americhem

Americhem has been creating and providing custom color and additive masterbatches for decades, providing you with the experience and creativity necessary to benefit your plastic products. Contact us today to learn more about our oxygen barrier additives for custom color masterbatches and concentrates.