Reducing the weight of polymer products is a key initiative for many companies looking to lessen their environmental footprint, material costs and shipping costs.

Americhem’s nCore® chemical blowing agents are up to the task, effectively reducing end-product density. The result of more than two decades of experience in the formulation, production and field support of blowing agents, nCore® is designed to fit your resin, compound and manufacturing process.

Our technologies are just one part of the equation. To help you succeed from initial design to commercialization, we employ a value engineering model that includes global availability of products and services, analytical, physical and weathering testing, quality assurance, continuing education opportunities, pilot lines and process simulation, custom product design and color trend forecasting.

nCore's chemical blowing agents can be used to accomplish these goals and more:

  • Improved physical properties for building products:
  • Save costs: nCore lowers the amount of raw material necessary to craft the end product, as well as shortens cycle time.
  • Lightweight products: Reduced density means your end product will be lighter, helping you save on shipping costs.
    • Heat and sound insulation
    • Sink mark prevention
    • Nail and screw acceptance without pre-drilling or mushrooming
    • Compatibility with conventional carpentry tools

Raise the bar on what you can and should expect from your color and additive masterbatch supplier. Contact us today to get started on your custom solution.