Women's History Month: Roxanne Hiott

Published 03/21/2023

In honor of Women’s History month, Americhem would like to spotlight our team members that have achieved great success throughout their manufacturing careers!


Our next spotlight comes from Roxanne Hiott, Quality & Design Laboratory Manager at our Concord, North Carolina (CNC) facility.


Roxanne was so kind to answer some questions about her experience and career in manufacturing.


1. How long have you worked in a manufacturing environment?

I have worked in Manufacturing for 26 years, this month. All of which has been with Americhem at CNC.

2. Who or what inspired you to choose a career in manufacturing?

Honestly, I didn’t start out with the intent to work in manufacturing. This was my first job while in college. I knew someone, who knew someone (shoutout to Roger Threadgill). What inspired me to stay was how much I enjoyed the complexity of color matching and problem solving. How something like color is taken for granted and the part I played in bringing that to everyone.  

3. Why did you choose Americhem and how long have you been a part of the team?

100% of my 26 years have been at Americhem in the Quality Testing Lab. This was my first “grown-up” job. 

4. What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting out in manufacturing?

Take it step by step, follow the process and watch it unfold. You make it what you want. There are many opportunities to be a problem solver, to be technical, and to be an advocate for improvement, whether that be on the safety front or the process side. Don’t be intimidated by the equipment. That was something I personally had to overcome. Most importantly, be open to new challenges and being a team player. We are all moving in the same direction and that takes teamwork.

5. What is your biggest accomplishment while working in manufacturing? 

Working my way through the system and taking what I learned and studied and ultimately achieving Quality Manager. 


Thank you, Roxanne for all of your hard work and dedication!