xCelmax® by Americhem is a polyolefin additive that reduces cycle-time production for producers of injection molded products. Optimized for your unique process, xCelmax provides the best performance at the least cost, and comes with our on-site support services to ensure success.

xCelmax is available in multiple pellet and bead sizes, and is easily incorporated in color or additive masterbatches. This cutting-edge product line offers you:
  • Reduced production costs: Save money by reducing machine and labor costs for the same parts.
  • Increased capacity: Grow sales by producing more products in a given amount of time.
  • Improved product quality: Shorter cycle times reduce the potential for defects, and decrease or even eliminate end-product warping without the typical process changes.
Our technologies are just one part of the equation. To help you succeed from initial design to commercialization, we employ a value engineering model that includes global availability of products and services, analytical, physical and weathering testing, quality assurance, continuing education opportunities, pilot lines and process simulation, custom product design and color trend forecasting.

Raise the bar on what you can and should expect from your color and additive masterbatch supplier. Contact us today to get started on your custom solution.