Custom Special Effects Masterbatches

Special Effects Masterbatches for Performance Plastics

Appearance can be an important aspect for some performance plastics. Product appearance can make a difference for a variety of reasons, such as aesthetic appeal or safety. Americhem creates custom color concentrates that can add special effects to your products.

Adding Special Effects to Your Plastics with Americhem

Americhem has over 70 years of experience when it comes to creating custom masterbatches for polymers. Our experienced team of engineers work hard to design a color concentrate for your products tailored to meet your needs. Available special effects additive technologies include, but are not limited to:
  • Fluorescents
  • Pearlescents
  • Light Reflective
  • Metallic
  • Edge glow
  • Marble
  • Thermochromatic
  • Photochromatic
Once you decide which special effects your performance plastics need, we test your products to see how they will interact with our concentrates to help you succeed from design all the way to commercialization.

Americhem's special effects additives for color concentrates can help your products stand out. Contact us today to learn more special effects additives for performance plastics.