vDesign Advanced Color Software

Americhem offers a variety of color courses to help gain an understanding of how we see, measure, and control color.

Color Technologies & Design Software

Americhem’s proprietary vDesign® is a color science product design software that has over a half a century of expertise to make designing masterbatch and color compound engineering easier. vDesign® is capable of quickly matching a color target for a large variety of polymers and applications while meeting the required properties such as weatherability at an optimized cost.

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The Color Technologies & Software Behind the Art

A lot goes into choosing just the right color to convey a message or feeling about a product, but much more goes into achieving that color. Engineers and designers working with polymers have a unique challenge when it comes to color selection and color matching – and Americhem has the expertise and color matching software to help.

Color Software & Design Centers to Help You

When looking for the right color, consider using our proprietary vDesign® product design software for plastic color compounding and masterbatch. For highly personalized service and support, visit one of our design centers or contact us today.

Fiber Design Centers

Located in Dalton, Georgia and Suzhou, China, our fiber design centers allow you to make visual assessments of hundreds of card-wrapped colors under various lighting conditions including daylight, cool-white fluorescent and incandescent to help generate ideas for products. You can also have multiple masterbatch and fiber samples produced all in a one-day visit.

Package Design Center

Located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio our package design center allows you to eliminate steps in product development, bring new products to market faster and save time and money. Visit this location to receive multiple product samples in one day, review thousands of bottles in colors across the visible spectrum, and view dazzling special effects that jump off the shelf.