In generic formulations, Single Pigment Dispersions (SPDs) can cause issues in your production process, creating inefficiencies and quality issues with end products. Thankfully, Americhem’s SPDs are anything but generic.

We specialize in creating pigment dispersion technologies that are polymer specific and incorporated directly into the carrier resin, enabling you to create your own custom colors more easily. This method, along with the use of best-in-class raw materials, also ensures optimal compatibility, proper viscosity and full dispersion every time.

Americhem’s optimized SPDs help you:
  • Increase quality, product consistency and customer satisfaction
  • Save cost through reducing pigment use by 10–25% through full dispersion
  • Shorten color match cycles and changeover times
  • Reduce the need for aggressive processing equipment through full dispersion
  • Enhance cleanliness, resulting in improved health, safety and environmental conditions
Experience the difference only Americhem can offer through our exclusive value engineering model, which includes a wide range of time and cost-saving technologies, educational opportunities, testing capabilities, design services and expert support services.

Our experts have been providing custom solutions for decades and we'd be happy to work with you on custom single pigment dispersion technologies. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about how our pigment dispersion technology can benefit your end products.