Additive Masterbatches for Polycarbonates

Characteristics of Polycarbonates

When businesses are looking for a performance plastic that's durable, polycarbonates offer a strong, easily molded option for production. Polycarbonates are thermoplastic polymers that are particularly useful in industrial applications, with characteristics including:
  • Natural impact resistance
  • Great structural rigidity
  • A high level transparency
Polycarbonate's toughness makes it an ideal fit for the automotive, construction, and other industries that require its plastics to be tough and durable. 

Additive Solutions for Polycarbonate and Performance Plastics

While polycarbonate's toughness offers companies great potential, the polymer can still be enriched. Custom additive masterbatches can enhance polycarbonates to provide benefits such as UV stability.

Americhem has decades of experience working with companies to create concentrates designed specifically for your needs. We work with you from initial design to commercialization, coming up with a custom additive masterbatch for your applications. Contact us today about enhancing your polycarbonate products today.