Physical Property Analysis: Analytical Physical Testing Processes

Our Advanced Analytical Testing Lab & Technologies

Americhem tests for many physical properties when working with our customer’s products to ensure that their product will meet the desired durability and integrity for the application required. With each physical property test conducted in our advanced analytical laboratory, we provide hands-on technical support that ensures our customers’ desires are being met.

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Physical Property Testing is Key to Our Value Engineering Model

Americhem’s state-of-the-art analytical testing laboratory and physical property analysis capabilities give you the knowledge you need to improve your processes and product performance. By improving the function or reducing the cost of your processes and products, Americhem can better serve your business and bottom line. As part of our value engineering model, we continue to expand our physical property testing capabilities and the advanced technologies utilized by the specialized team members at our analytical testing labs.

Certified & Quality Physical Property Testing

The Americhem analytical testing lab has placed an emphasis on developing color and additive masterbatches that yield consistent results through extreme physical properties testing that conforms to rigorous ISO 9001 guidelines for all of our global manufacturing facilities.

Capillary rheology
Particle size analysis
Izod impact
Gardner impact
Specific Gravity
Coefficient of Friction
Surface analysis
UV Stability
And Many More!

What is physical property testing and analysis?

Physical property tests evaluate the physical and mechanical characteristics of a specific material or product. Depending on the equipment and technology available at a given analytical testing lab, physical property testing can be conducted on numerous materials like polymers, resins, fabrics, metals, and much more. These materials can be put through a variety of physical tests to determine their tensile strength, density, hardness, and flexibility to name a few. The specific physical property testing that takes place largely depends on the material in question and the unique application for which it was designed.

Why is it important to perform a physical property analysis and test?

The goal of a physical testing laboratory is to help customers and businesses determine whether or not their products and processes meet industry requirements and performance standards. Physical property testing ensures a material or product does not violate health and safety standards in a specific industry or application. These important tests also greatly reduce the possibility of a material or product failing on the market and mitigate a company’s liability should such an event occur. 

Beyond meeting industry requirements and performance standards, analytical lab testing of a material’s physical properties is excellent for research and development. Physical properties testing can reveal solutions for improving the function and reducing the cost of a specific material or product. This allows customers and businesses to potentially cut costs, exceed performance standards, and improve their manufacturing processes.