Americhem Advanced Property Analysis

Advanced Physical Testing Technologies

Americhem tests for many physical properties when working with our customer’s products to ensure that their product will meet the desired durability and integrity for the application required. With all of our tests that come out of our analytical lab, we provide hands-on technical support that ensures our customers’ desires are being met.

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Value Engineering Model

Americhem’s comprehensive testing capabilities give you the knowledge you need to improve your processes and product performance. As part of our value engineering model, we continue to expand our testing capabilities to best serve your business.

Certified & Quality Tested

Americhem has placed an emphasis on developing color and additive masterbatches that yield consistent results through extreme Physical Testing that conforms to rigorous ISO 9001 guidelines for all of our global manufacturing facilities.

Capillary rheology
Particle size analysis
Izod impact
Gardner impact
Specific Gravity
Coefficient of Friction
Surface analysis
UV Stability
And Many More!