Americhem Synthetic Turf Polymeric Solutions

Americhem’s Synthetic Turf product line provides a full range of custom and standard colors that exhibit superior colorfastness with the assurance of lot-to-lot consistency. Specifically designed for the unique demands of synthetic turf products, our concentrate solutions offer a combination of technologies for truer, longer-lasting color, and high thermal stability.


Advanced testing capabilities ensure high-level product quality that reduces development time and expense. Dozens of analytical and physical property tests are performed directly at our research & development labs. Customers can also put products to the test at our accelerated and outdoor weathering facilities.

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Long-Lasting Color for Greens and Logo Shades

As a result of extensive pigment testing, Americhem has created a set of individual colorants that can be combined to match a wide variety of shades that perform. Each pigment was evaluated separately for its long-range weathering and physical performance.

Polymer Protection

Americhem’s masterbatch offers a complete turf package including UV stabilizers, antioxidants, delustrants, and antimicrobials. The testing included evaluations of many different alternatives in each additive class.

Property Modification

Inherent properties of polymer products can be modified with the incorporation of special chemistries that affect properties like friction, microbial resistance, tensile strength, and interaction with water and sunlight. Many of these can be combined with color and stabilization packages for an all-in-one solution.

Athletic Fields- Durability
Extended use under grueling surface conditions due to the environment and severe use during play require solutions that have been vetted for performance. Americhem ensures its materials can meet the demands.
Landscaping Systems- Value & Aesthetics
Our product offerings for Landscaping Systems are soft, durable, colorfast, and economical. Americhem leverages its vast materials library to develop value based solutions.
Heat Build Up- Mitigation
Athletic performance is demanding enough without the complication of heat buildup on the playing surface. Material selection makes all the difference, which is why Americhem has designed a cool turf system.
End of Life- Recycling and Degradability
When the time comes to finally replace the turf system, are you confident that the product will not negatively impact the environment? Americhem is leading the effort to broaden the use of sustainable polymer platforms.