Americhem’s custom color masterbatch and engineered compounds can be enhanced with high-grade additive concentrates to optimize the performance, durability, and function of our customers’ end products.

Whether you are looking to defend against microorganisms, prevent deterioration, achieve a specific color, reduce the risk of flammability, improve processing efficiencies, or reduce static, our additive solutions are carefully created and dispersed to meet the exact requirements of your application. Americhem’s tailored manufacturing capabilities offer an easy way to make your products stand out against the toughest competition while solidifying your reputation in the marketplace. Although not sold as standalone products, our polymer additives can be integrated into our product materials in different combinations to achieve long-lasting results.

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Americhem’s customized approach creates unique advantages.

The right concentration and combination of additives can result in resin-specific dispersions that improve a product’s functionality or stability, creating unique product advantages over the competition.

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We specialize in taking base polymers and enhancing them with additives that are engineered to consistently and positively impact the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the plastic. 


Differentiation in product design has become increasingly important across every industry segment. Americhem understands what it takes for our customers to be competitive in the current landscape and we are continually refining and expanding our additive solutions to meet the most critical demands. Through innovation and collaboration, our custom solutions enable products to reach a limitless range of potential, unlocking new opportunities for positioning and growth.  


Since 1941, customers from around the world have relied on Americhem to provide the precise additive solutions they need to produce quality polymer-based products. We are proud to offer significant contributions to polymerized materials that require special additives, helping turn ideas into reality through our extensive expertise in materials science. If your company has a specific outcome it is trying to achieve, ask us how we can apply our knowledge and technologies to maximize polymer benefits.