Americhem Custom Polymers for Recreational Vehicle Applications

Americhem Engineered Compound’s custom compound offering for recreational vehicles provides the combination of aesthetics and service durability that OEM’s require.

Play With Confidence

Sun, snow, mud, or rain, Americhem Engineered Compounds (AEC) ensures you can play with confidence in the durable appearance of your Recreational Vehicles through our engineered compounds. An excellent balance of properties and aesthetics, AEC provides durable mold-in-color performance products that eliminate the need for paint and are developed for high-visibility OEM applications. Our products’ colorability and weatherability provide for attractive looking vehicles that maintain their appearance and your brand identity long term.

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Americhem Advantage in Recreational Vehicles

AEC’s 25 years of history in durable compound applications ensures that our compounds deliver custom color and performance to ASTM, SAE, ISO and specific OEM requirements. Other benefits include:

  • Vibrant Color & Gloss
  • Long-Lasting Appearance
  • Distinction Of Image
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Scratch & Mar Resistance
  • Toughness
  • Low Temperature Impact Performance
Fenders & Covers
Hoods & Canopies
Brackets & Frames
Exterior Trim
Interior Trim