Americhem Customer Process Simulation

The Americhem Advantage in Customer Process Simulation

Not only does our investment in pilot lines aid in trialing color and additive masterbatches, but it also allows you to perform tests on our processing equipment without interrupting your workflow. We offer pilot lines and process simulation for a number of production methods. Americhem’s in-house process simulation brings new products to market faster and saves customers time and money by reducing the number of test runs at their facilities.

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Customer Process Simulation Techniques

Americhem’s Research and Development department is capable of simulating customer processes through various molding techniques such as profile extrusion, slit film extrusion, low and high speed fiber spinning, nonwoven spinning, monofilament spinning, cast film equipment, fine denier texturing equipment, and more.

Commercial Pilot Fiber Spinning Plant​

Americhem Polymers India has the unique distinction of being able to offer prototype yarn samples​. Our mid-sized spinning plant provides "just the right size" quantities of commercial quality yarn with a short turnaround time​. This allows the final customer to quickly make new product design submissions. Once the prototype is approved, it can be seamlessly transferred to any manufacturer for bulk production.​

Pilot Fiber Line Specifications

  • Quantities: 10 Kgs to 1500 Kgs​
  • Polymer Type: PET​
  • Yarn Type: Multifilament
    • ​Partially Oriented Yarn (POY)
    • Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)
    • Drawn Texturized Yarn (DTY)