Americhem Engineered Compounds for the Electronic Industry

Specialty Thermoplastic Compounds For Dynamic Product Performance

With an extensive list of base resins, reinforcements, fillers and special additive packages, Americhem Engineered Compounds’ leading experts can help you find the optimal formulation to meet your design goals. We can also custom color our formulations to enhance your brand identity while protecting your products.

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Customized thermoplastic resins such as TPE, PP, PC, ABS, and PA
Specialty fillers and additive solutions, including Carbon Fiber, Carbon Powder, Stainless Steel, Nickel-coated Carbon Fiber and Antistatic Alloy Compounds
Performance requirements such as Electrostatic Discharge, Electrical Conductivity, Antistatic Properties, and Electromagnetic Interference or Radio-Frequency Interference Shielding
Global manufacturing and regional sourcing
Short production lead-time
Customized alloys for specific application demands
Low minimum order quantities