Americhem Custom Engineered Compounds for the Electronics Industry

With an extensive selection of high-performance base resins, reinforcements, fillers and additive packages, Americhem's experts can create an optimal polymer formulation that makes customizable electronics manufacturing possible. Our thermoplastics for the electronics industry allow you to meet your design goals, protect your products and equipment, and build a strong brand identity.


In today’s ever-changing and competitive electronics industry, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to deliver consistent quality and device efficiency while improving safety and cutting costs. Americhem develops custom compounds for electronics that help manufacturers meet the highest standards and strictest requirements. Our ability to create customized electronics solutions doesn’t just happen because we are tech-savvy. We employ a team of experts with deep experience in electronics resins and additive solutions for electronics that know how to enhance processes, products and profitability. Americhem’s thermoplastic compounds for electronics are widely trusted and used across multiple technology markets by many of the world’s leading companies.

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With compounding expertise that spans decades, there isn’t a polymer challenge we haven’t encountered. Connect with one of our team members today to formulate a tailored electronics resin solution that meets your product’s functional requirements and economic constraints.

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thermoplastic compounds for electronics


Specialty thermoplastics play a vital role in the semiconductor industry, where conductivity, shielding, insulating, chemical resistance, heat resistance and dimensional stability are paramount. Americhem understands the complexities involved in the manufacturing and handling of semiconductors and the costly effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD). As an independent compounder, we capitalize on our extensive supplier relationships to select high-performance resins for electronics. These resins are blended with carefully selected additives, fillers and fibers to produce a wide range of conductivity levels, enhance polymer characteristics and impart desired properties.

Our low outgassing materials are dimensionally stable at high and low temperatures and provide clean, contaminant-free surfaces for ultra-high purity processing. They resist harsh chemicals, acids and solvents, and can be engineered to meet UL flammability and safety standards, and achieve RoHS / REACH compliance. Lot-to-lot consistency is ensured for precision processing through standardized equipment and testing methods.

Leverage Americhem’s extensive R&D and process engineering capabilities to mold your ideas into reality and address critical performance requirements for:

  • Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP)
  • Etching and cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Testing


As leaders in color technology, we will work with your design team to help elevate your brand with over 60 precolored resin formulations to choose from in our ColorFast® series. ColorFast® provides an easy way to achieve standard industry color coding for products like display modules, bezels, connectors and more.

Americhem can precolor a wide range of materials to meet the specific requirements of your application. Some examples include:

  • Elastomers for soft-touch applications
  • Flame-retardant materials to meet UL, CSA and IEC requirements
  • Translucent and transparent materials
  •  ESD and shielding materials
  • Wear and friction materials
  • High-temperature materials
  • Customer-specified trade name resins
Customized thermoplastic resins such as TEP, PP, PC, ABS and PA
Specialty additive and filler solutions for electronics, including carbon fiber, carbon powder, stainless steel, nickel-coated carbon fiber and antistatic alloy compounds
Ability to meet critical performance requirements of electrostatic discharge, electrical conductivity, electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding
Proven materials that serve as durable and lightweight replacements for metal
Global manufacturing and regional sourcing
Short production lead times and low minimum order quantities

From dimensional stability and surface resistivity to chemical and flame resistance, we can create a specialty compound to meet your packaging, testing and wafer handling needs.


Additive manufacturing has unlocked new  opportunities for manufacturers in diverse industries. Americhem offers an array of specialty engineered compounds suitable for housings, bezels and other parts that require tight tolerances.


With IoT networks expanding everywhere, the need for plastic assembly solutions continues to rise. Americhem’s custom compounds for the electronics industry meet various requirements for hardware components like sensors, routers and bridges.


In manufacturing, robotics perform a wide range of strenuous and monotonous tasks. Housings, wear surfaces and structural components made from Americhem’s plastics help robots last longer and withstand harsh environments.


Today’s industrial automation products are more connected than ever, requiring custom thermoplastic solutions that protect people and expensive equipment from electrical hazards. Customers look to Americhem when designing interfaces, controllers, IR sensors, switches, relays and power management systems.


From phones, tablets, laptops and GPS units to handheld inventory scanners and detectors, Americhem offers an array of customized thermoplastics that protect devices, promote brand identity and provide fundamental ergonomic features that improve comfort, control and dexterity.


Americhem’s extensive offering of custom compounds can be found in several of today’s most advanced wearable devices, including watches, glasses and virtual reality headsets. Partner with us to meet all your wear and tear resistance challenges.


Drone technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years. Americhem has kept pace with customizable resins that allow for the production of structurally reinforced, lightweight parts for frames, controllers, transmitters and propellors.


Americhem helps lighting manufacturers overcome multiple design and manufacturing challenges with custom compounds created for structural components, controllers and display modules.


Whether you need EMI/RFI shielding or internally lubricated components for wear reduction and longer life, Americhem has a broad portfolio of solutions that outperform while providing necessary flame retardance and regulatory compliance.

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Our specialty compounds offer engineers the design flexibility to manage the demanding needs of increasing data storage capacity while limiting the footprint of data storage equipment and meeting the ever-changing regulatory requirements of the market.

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Don’t see your market listed here? We are always eager to provide personalized service and tailored solutions to our customers. Let our experts guide you through the development and manufacturing process with our industry-leading formulations, processing and testing capabilities.

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