Custom Automotive Interior Materials with Americhem Technologies

Accelerated Technology

If you find yourself struggling to harmonize the interior of your vehicle with some of the latest challenging colors, Americhem can design Color Concentrates and Masterbatches for all your Interior plastic parts such as Instrument Panels, Doors, Hard Trim Center and Overhead Consoles, Air Management, and Seating.

While most TPEs have a “rubbery feel,” if you need a more “slippery” TPE for a Cup Holder, Arm Rest Skin, Console Skin, Door Bolster or Instrument Panel Skin, Americhem TPEs can be tailored to provide just the right haptics.

For thinner, longer injection molded Armrests and Console Skins, utilize Americhem’s high flow PVC Compounds. While Americhem can provide your standard “rubbery feel” TPEs for All-Weather Floor Mats, we can also provide Enhanced Scratch and Mar TPEs for parts that have minimal graining.

Do you need help finding the right compound or masterbatch supplier for your project?

At Americhem, we are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. Click the button below to tell us about your wants, needs, or problems you face in your projects; we’ll come up with a compound or masterbatch solution for you.

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In-Vehicle Color Harmony

Vehicle designers and stylists have realized that most people spend their time inside the vehicle, not outside. And, as autonomous vehicles become common, occupants will spend more time looking at the interior and not the road. This has led to automotive interiors evolving into high focus areas, where all the different plastics used must be harmonized to the same color or colors.

We specialize in coloring technology that promotes in-vehicle harmony across a variety of materials and manufacturing processes.

Seating Components
Grab Handles
Buttons & Knobs
Air Management Systems
Inner Belt Line Moldings
Overhead Consoles
Brake Grips
Increased color harmony among vastly different parts and resins with custom tailored color concentrates and masterbatches
Decreased time required for color part approvals from the OEM
Pre-colored TPE and PVC compounds
Superior flowing TPE and PVC products for efficient 2-shot molding
Low fog and VOC products
TPE-S haptics designed to the interior application
Enhanced flow vinyl products for light-weighting
Antimicrobials for ride sharing vehicles