Americhem Performance Thermoplastic Compounds & Polymer Alloys

Competitive Advantages

Thermoplastic compounds and polymeric alloys provide processing ease, which results in less waste during the manufacturing process—including injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications.

We develop thermoplastic compounds and polymeric alloys that provide value and competitive advantages for injection molders, blow molders, and extrusion operators. Our performance compounds are specially designed to meet the demands of high-efficiency, value-minded manufacturers.

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Americhem knows what’s required for lasting success.

That’s why all of the materials we provide are optimized for end-use applications, providing the necessary: Stretch, Grip, Sealing, Protection, and Color characteristics

You can also rely on our thermoplastic experts to help meet your end-use performance needs and improve efficiencies in the process.

We do this by: Selecting the right materials, Improving processing efficiency, Decreasing waste during the manufacturing process

Bringing Reliability To The Forefront

We pride ourselves on lot-to-lot consistency and the ability to match your process requirements, ensuring you receive value-added performance you can count on. This reliability extends beyond functional performance, ensuring aesthetic appeal, too. Americhem has been a leading provider of custom color solutions since 1941, and our performance compounds are designed to meet or exceed stringent specifications in a wide range of industries.

Expect The Best From Americhem

We specialize in working with elastomeric solutions, such as fPVC, TPE, TPV, TPU and TPO, destined for applications ranging from automotive window encapsulations to pet toys. Choose the precolored compounds that make the most sense for your application, then we will help you find the right color match every time.