Americhem Polyetherimide Compounds & Masterbatch

What is Polyetherimide?

Polyetherimide, or PEI, is a transparent and colorable polymer with high compressive and tensile strength. It has excellent creep resistance and property retention at high temperatures. Americhem can custom compound biocompatible grades of PEI.

The Americhem Advantage in Polyetherimide

Americhem has extensive experience compounding PEI with thermally stable pigments to achieve a broad color pallet. Americhem also compounds PEI with fillers and reinforcements for achieving effects such as: improved wear resistance, lower friction, improved tensile & flex modulus, electrical conductivity, and electrostatic discharge protection – all with smaller minimum order quantities than most of the industry.

Medical Trocars
Healthcare Instrument handles
Medical Hip & Knee Trials
Healthcare Sterilization Trays
Medical Device Surgical Instruments


PEI can be manufactured in a standard flow version as well as an improved flow version for filling thinner wall sections.

Fillers and/or reinforcements for improved physical properties and reduced shrinkage
Lubricants for improved wear & friction
Lubricant Additives
Carbon Fibers, NCCF, and SS Fibers for Electrical properties
Carbon Fiber Additives
Mineral & Metal powders for density adjustment