Americhem eCap™ for Window & Door Applications

Today’s consumers and architects are no longer satisfied with the traditional white vinyl window. Current trends are pushing the boundaries of polymeric capabilities when it comes to darker colors. Americhem’s experience across the building and construction space has allowed us to develop capstock solutions to meet those needs.

Opening the Door to New Window Trends

As a longtime member of the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association, Americhem not only keeps up on Window & Door trends, but helps customers lead the way of innovation in this industry. Americhem also helps customers increase sales by offering a wider color palette and cost effective resin systems allowing you to meet your customers’ demands for darker colors.

  • Advanced pigment systems lower heat buildup to decrease warping, oil canning, and heat distortion
  • Serviceable product life is extended
  • Available for any of our building product offerings

Do you need help finding the right compound or masterbatch supplier for your project?

At Americhem, we are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. Click the button below to tell us about your wants, needs, or problems you face in your projects; we’ll come up with a compound or masterbatch solution for you.

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eCap™ for Window & Door

Americhem’s eCap™ high performance precolor capstock compounds are engineered to provide convenience and versatility to profile extruders. Each eCap™ product is customized with specific materials, physical properties and aesthetics that benefit your specific application. Each compound features highly weatherable color, enhanced dimensional stability, and outstanding durability. Customizable features include:

  • Scratch and mar resistance
  • Superior adhesion of cap to substrates
  • Improved resistance to moisture whitening
  • Potential for a class A fire rating
Window & Door
Spa Cladding
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