Americhem Polymeric Solutions for Cladding

Americhem has been the leading provider of color technology for vinyl siding since the industry’s inception in the 1960’s. As a longtime member of the Vinyl Siding Institute, or VSI, we’ve partnered with our customers to develop cost-effective solutions that enable the manufacturing of products with outstanding performance in both extruded and injection molded applications.

More Than Just Color Selection

Americhem’s long standing experience and expertise in color formulation for the demands of both extruded and injection molded cladding applications have led to the most efficient and economic solutions in the industry.  Our products are consistently among the lowest use rates, deliver consistent lot to lot color, and provide weatherability that stands the test of time.

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Technology Leaders Through Collaboration

Americhem is a long time active member of the Vinyl Siding Institute, which has kept us at the forefront of innovations within the industry. Being a part of organizations like these is key in continuing our growth in this industry to meet your customers’ demands. We then take that knowledge and collaborate with you to make your ideal product.

Low maintenance
Dark colors
Low heat build