Americhem Light Blocking Solutions for the Milk & Dairy Industry

Americhem has developed both market and propriety solutions for monolayer and multi-layer applications in the milk and dairy industry. The UHT (Ultra Heat Temperature) milk application gives long and extended shelf life to its content ranging from 6 – 9 months for LSL (Long Shelf Life) to 30 – 60 days for ESL (Extended Shelf Life).

Extend The Life of Your Milk with Americhem Masterbatches

Americhem offers light blocking solutions for both Monolayer and Multilayer applications. To respect the UHT milk specifications and to preserve the milk from flavor deterioration, it is important to prevent light from penetrating the container. Riboflavin (B-vitamin family) and lipids give bad taste and odor to the milk if exposed to light oxidation.

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Custom Development with Environmentally Friendly and Sustainability in Mind

As the Packaging industry changes quickly, especially for Milk & Dairy, Americhem has developed products to align with our customers’ sustainability efforts. Some of these efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • Ecovadis
  • Recycling
  • rPET solutions
  • NRID Blacks for optical sorting
  • 2nd generation opacity technology

We also have ample experience in making sure your products meet specific regulatory needs such as FDA, REACH, and Pharma regulations.

Exceptional yields and manufacturing performance
Low cost to color
Support of recycle initiatives
Lot to Lot color consistency