Americhem Engineered Compounds for Aircrafts


For over a quarter of a century, aerospace industry manufacturers have relied on Americhem Engineered Compounds to meet their performance thermoplastic needs. Our highly engineered compounds are available globally, with no minimum order quantity, complete with technical support and FAA property declaration.

Americhem Engineered Compounds can solve your design challenges providing custom colored materials for harmonizing the interior of the aircraft, soft-touch materials to provide just the right haptics, and reinforced high-heat materials to address the demands of structural applications.

AEC provides products that are fully compliant to FAA regulation FAR25.853a and FAR25.853d.  Our product offerings include compounds that meet FAA requirements for OSU heat release rate, smoke density, and toxic gas emissions.

Do you need help finding the right compound or masterbatch supplier for your project?

At Americhem, we are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. Click the button below to tell us about your wants, needs, or problems you face in your projects; we’ll come up with a compound or masterbatch solution for you.

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Our long-running supplier history to the Aerospace market provides the experience and understanding required for optimum solutions and an efficient reliable supply of materials. Americhem Engineered Compounds has specialized knowledge in polymer chemistry, structural re-enforcement, flame retardant technology and Federal Aviation regulations.  Our combination of service, technology and experience can assist you in finding the optimum solution for your Aerospace application needs.

  • Global manufacturing & shipment capability
  • Industry-leading production shipment lead-times
  • Flexible, no minimum order quantity requirements
  • Broad product offering
  • Product property certification
  • Customized, tailored solutions
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