Americhem Safety, Storage & Handling Equipment Polymeric Solutions

Whether your thermoplastic materials need to meet OSHA requirements for color reflectance and retention, or you need a high-strength material for storage and handling equipment, we’ve got something for you. If your need is more custom, then we’ll design the right solution and overall package to meet your requirements.

Heightened Level of Safety Awareness

Expectations and awareness for safety and security is at an all-time high, which is expected to continue. AEC has advanced technology to support you and your customers. Applications include prismatic transparent film materials for safety awareness and warning signals and super-tough engineered materials to prevent breakage and security breaches.

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Plastic vs. Metal

Plastic materials offer many advantages over metal including paint replacement, design freedom, and light-weighting. Safety & Security plastics have to be tough and durable, which is why we offer reinforcements, impact modification, and UV stabilizers in addition to custom colors.

Flame Retardant Technology
Advanced UV Stabilization
Polymer Alloys
Transparent And Translucent Color Compounding Technology