Americhem Thermal Analysis Technologies

Advanced Thermal Testing Technologies

Americhem utilizes Thermal Analysis when working with our customers to develop and ensure the best product. We strive to make sure our formulations will produce stable and reliable materials to withstand the thermal profile our customers’ products will endure.

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Thermal Testing That Adds Values

Americhem’s analytical lab supports our technical leadership in the industry and assists in quality control of Americhem’s products. The following are some of the methods we use in evaluating and optimizing our materials:

  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis)
  • DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis)

Optimized Quality for Performance Solutions

Americhem continuously researches and develops the best techniques in polymer analysis. We have established the ability to test for a wide variety of thermal attributes using recognized ASTM, ISO, and OEM test methods.


During testing, we collect incremental observations to create a comprehensive analysis of the product samples. We also take the data collected from those tests and interpret the findings in our analytical labs.

And, we wouldn’t be able to stay on the forefront of thermal testing technology without our constant awareness of emerging technologies and our continuous R&D support.