Americhem Aerospace Composites & Plane Plastics

Soaring Into the Next Generation of Aerospace Composite Technology

For over 25 years, aerospace and defense manufacturers have benefited from Americhem's technology and services. Our expertise in these industries includes knowledge of aerospace polymer chemistry (including carbon fiber reinforced polymers), aerospace flame retardants, alloy compounding and custom coloring services. This allows us to work directly with you to select and develop the optimum aerospace materials for your application.

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Americhem Can Help You Combat the Pressures of Ongoing Innovation

An increasingly important innovation in the aerospace industry, aircraft composites, plastics and polymers are enabling designers to overcome significant barriers created by metal. Americhem streamlines your design process to help make applications of polymers in aerospace engineering even more impactful.

When you choose Americhem compounds for aerospace parts, you can expect the following:

  • Standard aircraft composite and polymer compound choices such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI, PPSU, PPS, PSU, PPA, PC, ABS and specialty PAs.
  • Global manufacturing and regional sourcing.
  • Short production lead time.
  • Customized alloys for specific application demands.
  • Low minimum order quantity.