Americhem Engineered Compounds for Medical Enclosures & Medical Device Housings

Americhem Engineered Compounds provides customers with confidence that their medical device housing and enclosures meet durability and performance expectations, as well as ISO 10993-5 biocompatibility standards.


Today’s medical equipment OEMs face increasing design challenges with rigid materials for medical device housing and enclosure applications that need to provide excellent dimensional stability, impact resistance, flame retardancy, biocompatibility compliance and chemical resistance. Americhem Engineered Compounds is the leader in developing specialty blends and alloys to address the needs of the healthcare industry.

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Blends & Alloys Offering Balance of Impact & Chemical Resistance

Our blends and alloys are just a part of the equation. With our extensive menu of functional additive technologies, we can truly customize a solution to meet your design requirements and provide protection to critical components. We enhance the performance of your medical equipment enclosures by protecting them from a wide range of elements such as exposure to potent cleaning or sanitizing solutions.

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