Americhem Color Masterbatch Technology for Nylon Applications

What is Nylon?

Nylon is a tough synthetic polymer demonstrating high strength properties, strong durability, and chemical resistance. Nylon is very versatile and made up of polyamides that demonstrate resistance to wear, molds, insects, and fungi.

The Americhem Advantage in Nylon

Americhem offers a wide range of products from highly loaded functional masterbatches to single pigment dispersions in most types of nylon. Our high quality dispersion technology allows for ease of processing in fine fiber and thin film applications. Americhem’s expertise and experience can help streamline your process and take your nylon products to the next level.

Commercial and residential carpet
Tarps & awnings
Watch bands
Under-the-hood automotive
Tool housings
Electrical Components

These Nylon material performances can be custom developed for extrusion, injection molding, fiber spinning, and cast film.

  • PA6
  • PA66
  • PA610
  • PA612
  • PA11
  • PA12
  • Amorphous
  • PA66PA6I
Reinforcing fillers
Carbon blacks
Single pigment dispersions
Custom colors
Functional additives
Thermally Conductive
Electrically Active
High Specific Gravity
Learn More about Nylon Synthetic Fibers

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