Warm temperatures, humidity, fertilizers, pesticides and mud are all factors that influence and accelerate corrosion on agricultural equipment. When left unaddressed, corrosion can migrate quickly across metal components and systems, weakening machinery and impacting overall farm productivity.

Americhem’s engineered compounds for agricultural equipment help reduce downtime and extend the useful life of agricultural vehicles like tractors, combines, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and loaders through the use of high-performance materials that can cost-effectively replace or complement metal. Working closely with our material experts to determine your exact requirements, we can get you one step closer to producing corrosion-resistant engines, transmission and drivetrain components, fans, air intakes, fluid reservoirs. Our highly durable, weather-resistant solutions can also be applied to agricultural tools and tractor attachments such as plows, harrows, fertilizer spreaders, seeders, balers, sprayers, wagons and trailers. 

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Americhem’s lightweight structural compounds offer a greater potential for increasing farm vehicle fuel efficiency since it takes less energy to accelerate a lighter object than a heavier one. Despite their light weight, our engineered compounds for farm equipment feature a high strength-to-weight ratio enhanced by the addition of fillers and reinforcements such as glass fiber and carbon fiber. In many cases, our thermoplastic products will perform as well as or even outperform metal in both strength and stiffness tests.

When it comes to competing with metal, Americhem also helps OEMs address lubrication concerns of moving components. We offer a complete line of internally lubricated compounds designed to reduce friction without any need to grease or oil parts in the field, lowering maintenance and service costs. These lubricant additives can dramatically alter the properties of plastic, providing reduced wear, vibration and noise.

Tractor Canopies
Harvesting Equipment / Conveyor Parts & Brushes
Fenders, Hoods & Flarings
Bearing Cages & Power Transmission Components
Control Knobs, Switches & Component Housings
Corrosion-resistant materials that won’t rust or decay
Weather-resistant compounds capable of holding their aesthetic appearance
High strength enhanced by glass and carbon reinforcements
Light weight for reduced operating costs
Dimensional stability for lasting performance
Scratch and mar resistance
Chemical-resistant compounds
Flame-retardant additives
Internal lubrication solutions
Wide range of electrical properties
Long-lasting, fade-resistant color
Consistent color matching that supports brand recognition and quality