Americhem Product Families: Masterbatch Technology, Functional Technology, Performance Compounds & Engineered Compounds

With experience developing and refining products for a variety of diverse markets, Americhem has the expertise and comprehensive polymer technologies essential to your success. We’ve leveraged our decades of color masterbatch, additive, and compounding experience to develop specialized product brands and packages of technologies to address common challenges while boosting your process control, quality and profitability.

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At Americhem, total responsiveness to our customers’ needs has always been our service model. We thrive on perfecting your product’s aesthetics, performance and consistency from inception to market—and beyond.

To help you achieve the best balance of cost, performance and production efficiency, Americhem uses its advanced resources and decades of experience to test how all substances interact with the final product. We’ve spent years developing partnerships with the world’s top material suppliers, keeping us on the forefront of plastic color concentrates, state-of-the-art pigment concentration and additive technology.

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