Americhem Divisions

Americhem Engineered Compounds

Americhem Engineered Compounds, or AEC, is a leading specialty engineered thermoplastics compounder with global manufacturing capabilities. Offerings include standard product lines, customized thermoplastic compounds, and contract manufacturing for injection molding and extrusion processing.

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Controlled Polymers

Controlled Polymers is a leading global manufacturer of customized compounds and masterbatch for the medical industry and other industries. With 30 years of experience, Controlled Polymers is located in Denmark and supplies sustainable polymeric solutions to some of the largest healthcare OEMs in the world.

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Americhem's Acquisitions

The consolidation of Vi-Chem Corporation has created a broad portfolio of products for Americhem customers. Vi-Chem has built a leadership position as a supplier of specialty engineered TPE and PVC compounds in the automotive industry. Their headquarters in Grand Rapids encompasses 170,000 square feet.

The acquisition of Prescient Color Limited complements Americhem’s position in the global synthetic fiber market and expands its geographic reach in a high growth region. Based in Pune, India, Prescient is a leading Indian producer of high-end masterbatches in several attractive niche applications, including synthetic fibers.

Americhem first acquired Infinity Compounding and shortly after, acquired LTL Color Compounders. Following these two acquisitions, Americhem merged the two new acquisitions together and made Infinity LTL. As part of Americhem’s recent rebranding, Infinity LTL has now become Americhem Engineered Compounds, which manufactures and sells custom compounded, engineering grade, polymer composites to meet the demands of customer applications.

Americhem's most recent acquisition, Controlled Polymers, has seamlessly integrated with Americhem Engineered Compounds by blending the companies’ product lines together to create a full range of offerings for the medical plastics industry. Their products complement Americhem Engineered Compounds’ specialized portfolio in medical devices and healthcare applications with Controlled Polymers’ worldwide experience in the hearing aid industry.

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At Americhem, we are deeply committed to developing innovations that fulfill market needs and provide competitive advantages for our customers. This commitment, along with the strength of our technological offerings, reinforces what we stand for and further grounds us in our corporate vision. We are a trusted global organization that designs and manufactures custom color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and performance technologies. We have been solving complex challenges for over 75 years and continue to evolve in new and exciting ways. Our breadth of offerings and in-house expertise have grown, and now customers can rely on one unified company to make their polymer-based products the best that they can be.

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Americhem’s Broad Portfolio

Acquisitions over the years have only deepened Americhem’s mental capital. You can trust that we will remain at the forefront of innovation, developing new technologies, products and processes while maximizing efficiencies and value. All to better serve you.