Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers

With carbon fiber applications more prolific than ever, Americhem stands ready to support existing and emerging technologies with carbon fiber reinforcements that can be compounded with most resins to achieve outstanding mechanical properties. We develop carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) to overcome our customers' toughest application challenges.


Using carbon fiber materials in manufacturing imparts several advantages for the components and applications for which they are developed. With high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios, CFRP carbon fiber makes stronger and stiffer products at lighter weights. The degree to which this occurs depends on the base resin used and the amount of carbon fiber added. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer also offers high chemical and corrosion resistance due to carbon's chemical inertness. An increase in continuous use temperature and heat deflection temperature can also be expected from carbon fiber reinforced polymers.

Americhem's carbon fiber reinforcements are created using proprietary formulas and combinations of materials to meet our customers' most demanding requirements. Using mainly organic polymers and a small amount of rayon, we create customized engineered compounds that manufacturers transform into carbon fiber filament for use across several markets.

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We're glad you asked! Along with carbon fiber reinforcements, Americhem has the capability to include a wide variety of product additives in our materials. These include but are not limited to color, lubricants, flame retardants, specialty process aids, aramid fiber and other reinforcements like glass and minerals. We can even introduce metals such as stainless steel, iron, tungsten and barium sulfate.

To ensure our products reach their maximum potential with their properties, we research and test carbon fiber to make sure it's compatible with particular resin systems. Americhem can compound carbon fiber with most resins. Carbon fiber reinforced polymers can range from ABS and PC to high-performance polymers like PEEK, PSU and PPA. We also strive to understand how different CFRPs process during extrusion. Using this knowledge, we can enhance our carbon fiber manufacturing to save our customers time, money and material.


Adding carbon fiber reinforcements to a polymer will help you achieve three primary levels of electrical conductivity:

  1. Antistatic - Prevents a charge from building up on the surface of your product, which can significantly reduce damage from electrical charges.
  2. Statically Dissipative - Control the release of a charge, allowing a certain level of charge to flow at a controlled rate.
  3. Conductive - Allows the free flow of a charge.

Choosing the right level of conductivity for materials is very dependent on the end application. It's important to consider how the conductivity will affect other components within the product, system or environment.


Consumer needs always drive industry growth, and CFRP is no different. Americhem continually adds new product lines with a focus on advancing solutions for specific markets. Together, our InElec® electrically active crystalline and amorphous compounds, InLube™ internally lubricated compounds and alloys, and InStruc® structurally reinforced compounds benefit the automotive, non-automotive vehicle (NAV), consumer product, packaging, electronics, building and construction, fluid handling, military and medical segments.

With carbon fiber reinforcements being one of our specialties, we can keep pace with the most critical and rapidly expanding markets. Our polyetherimide (PEI) material and polycarbonate (PC) material offerings are proof of this, providing biocompatible filler and reinforcement options for today's advanced medical products and devices.


With the surge in additive manufacturing over the past decade, procuring quality material for filament is imperative to producing a quality printed part. Americhem's 3D-printed carbon fiber compounds are compatible with nylon, PEEK, PEI/PC blends and many other resin systems. Adding carbon fiber reinforcements allows manufacturers to achieve significantly higher strength and greater dimensional stability at lighter weights than they can accomplish using unfilled filament products.

As with all Americhem compounds, we rigorously test our carbon fiber print materials to make certain their mechanical properties have been optimized. To fully disperse the carbon into the polymer, we use milled carbon fiber, which is more powder-like in substance than traditional carbon fiber but can present tradeoffs in desired color effects. Our carbon fiber additive manufacturing team will work with you to prioritize your goals so we can customize the best possible product for your manufacturing needs.


Americhem is a top choice for manufacturers and designers looking for a carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Customers know they can rely on us because we've invested over 75 years in developing and compounding custom polymer solutions for a wide range of industries. Our team of experienced engineers, chemists and technical experts creates CFRPs that meet our customers' most demanding applications.

Americhem is also committed to innovation and continuously invests in research and development to create new and advanced CFRP formulations. Customers collaborating with Americhem benefit from our cutting-edge technologies and solutions.

Our commitment to rigorous quality control ensures all our products, including carbon fiber reinforced polymers, meet the most exacting standards. Americhem customers have peace of mind, knowing they're getting high-quality CFRPs that are consistent and reliable. Because we specialize in customization, we can meet each customer's unique needs. Our customers get tailored solutions addressing their specific challenges and requirements.

Americhem is also committed to sustainability, working to minimize the environmental impact of our products and operations. Customers that prioritize sustainability value their collaboration with us.

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