Accelerated Weathering Testing

Advanced Weather Testing

Our weathering test labs allow us to evaluate a material’s performance when exposed to sunlight, temperature, humidity, and moisture. Color retention and functional longevity are essential to the marketability of your products. Our comprehensive weather analysis and accelerated life testing capabilities will give you the peace of mind that your products are designed to endure the elements in a variety of conditions.

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Weathering Testing That Adds Value

With over three decades of industry experience performing more than 30 standard weathering test methods, Americhem has emerged as a leader in development and testing for weatherability. From our three natural weathering test sites to our accelerated weathering test methods utilizing a variety of fluorescent and xenon-arc test equipment, we provide comprehensive capabilities in weathering simulation and testing.

Certified & Qualified Weathering Testing

We have the ability to perform over 30 standard weathering test methods including ISO, ASTM, and OEM required test methods in our ISO 9001 and IATF 16946 certified weathering simulation and testing lab.

Accelerated Weathering Tests

Our state-of-the-art xenon arc and fluorescent UV devices allow our labs to conduct accelerated testing of a material or product’s weatherability and lifetime performance. These accelerated life tests enable our teams to examine the effects of UV light, heat, moisture, and humidity on your products in a shortened time span.

Real-Life, Outdoor Weathering Tests

Our outdoor weathering test sites determine how your products will perform when exposed to real-life climate conditions. Our outdoor weather testing sites are located in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.

What is the meaning of weathering?

Weathering is a general term used to describe the breaking down of natural and artificial materials through contact with various climate conditions and environmental agents such as water, ice, heat, snow, wind, sunlight, and many more. In the specific context of our indoor testing labs and outdoor testing sites, our weathering tests primarily evaluate the weatherability of artificial materials and products.

How long does weathering take?

The time it takes for a material to suffer from weathering widely varies depending on the specific material being evaluated and the primary agents of weathering that affect it. Weathering can occur quickly and slowly. The weathering simulation and accelerated life testing labs at Americhem allow us to answer this question for your unique material or product. We are able to observe and test the immediate effects of weathering at our indoor and outdoor weather testing sites. We are also capable of evaluating the longevity and life-time weathability of your material or product in a short period of time through our accelerated weathering test methods.