Americhem Polymeric Roofing Compounds & Masterbatch

By leveraging Americhem’s expertise in all areas of the Building and Construction market, Americhem offers full-color masterbatch and slate-like streak effects in the roll and injection molded roof markets.

Roofing Color Masterbatch, Additive & Compounding Solutions

Americhem’s long-standing experience and expertise in color formulation for the demands of both extruded and injection molded roofing applications have led to the most efficient and economic solutions in the industry.  Our products are consistently among the lowest use rates, deliver consistent lot-to-lot color, and provide weatherability that stands the test of time.

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Americhem’s Roofing Value Add

Our polymer additives for Roofing in Building and Construction are just one part of the equation. To help you succeed from initial design to commercialization, we employ a value engineering model that includes global availability of products and services, analytical, physical and weathering testing, quality assurance, continuing education opportunities, extrusion pilot lines and process simulation, custom product design and color trend forecasting.

Lightweight and durable
Energy efficient, even in dark colors
Distinctive effects: antique, weathered or vibrant colors
Eco-friendly processing and recycling