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In addition to the stringent performance requirements, trends in consumer preference have resulted in the need for deeper and darker color spaces. Americhem’s unique dispersion technology and leading color consistency ensures our customers can support changing market trends. The innovative products from Americhem deliver extreme performance while also meeting color demands.

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Deeper, darker colors

Floor covering options have continued to grow with even more materials competing for consumer preference. The importance of color is more evident than ever before, which is why Americhem keeps customers in tune with and well equipped to respond to this changing landscape with our annual Color Trends Forecast and custom designed color palettes engineered to perform at the highest level. Our color solutions will ensure your flooring options are on trend, on budget, and on shade for every application.

Finer denier

Carpet fiber has evolved and so must the ingredients used in their construction. Americhem’s innovative product development approach has enabled us to stay ahead of the trend of reduced carpet denier. Finer fiber means more exacting performance requirements and Americhem’s offerings are designed to provide the highest efficiencies possible resulting in reduced spin breaks, lower pack pressure rise, and extended pack life. 

Shifting materials landscape

Whether it be Nylon, PET, PTT, or PP fiber, each choice offers a unique mix of attributes and challenges. Americhem’s breadth of experience working in all polymer systems uniquely positions us to advise customers on the proper material selection. By partnering together to fully vet the specific requirements of each project, Americhem delivers the best solution through a custom designed masterbatch.

UV protection
Soil resistance
Stain repellency