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The driving force behind automotive processing success is the ability to strike the right balance between materials and performance. Americhem draws from decades of specialized experience in automotive polymers to address this challenge with innovative solutions that yield consistent results.

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Color Fueled by Function

The automotive and transportation markets have become more global, opening a new world of opportunities for suppliers and manufacturers. Maximizing your opportunities for growth is largely dependent on finding suppliers that can provide quality and consistency regardless of where products are manufactured. Americhem has placed an emphasis on developing color and additive masterbatches and compounds for the automotive and transportation industries that yield consistent results, time after time – from region to region.

What Makes TPE & PVC in Cars, Equipment & Other Vehicles So Useful?

The versatility of both PVC and TPE in cars, equipment and other vehicles allows for precise adjustments to their material properties to give the exact performance and quality requirements for specific, end-use applications. At Americhem, we use compounds like TPE and PVC for automotive applications to ensure our customers can benefit.

TPE & PVC Car Parts Can Help Vehicles Last Longer

In the 1970s, the average service life of a modern vehicle was 11 and a half years. Thanks to the unique properties of compounds like Americhem TPE and PVC parts for cars, it now stands at an average of 17 years. As the principal protector of underbody wear-resistant coating, sealants against humidity and other protective profiles, TPE and PVC thermoplastic car parts are invaluable for automotive manufacturers. The durability of PVC and TPE parts for cars has made them the first choices for cladding interior parts like dashboards and door panels.

TPE & PVC Thermoplastics for Automotive Applications Help Conserve Fossil Fuels

Both TPE and PVC parts for cars have comparatively low energy consumption during manufacturing, thereby reducing the depletion of natural resources compared to alternatives. TPE and PVC in cars can also contribute to a naturally low carbon footprint due to their lightness compared to traditional materials. In other words, the reduced weight of a vehicle helps reduce fuel consumption.

PVC & TPE For Automotive Applications Can Help Protect Lives

TPE and PVC thermoplastics are important in shock-absorbing vehicle components such as "soft" dashboards, used to reduce injury in the case of impact. Thermoplastic parts for cars are often used in life-saving vehicle airbags, and their fire retardant properties contribute to the overall safety of any vehicle.

TPE & PVC In Cars Can Increase Design Freedom

Americhem PVC and TPE for automotive interior and exterior applications allow even the most challenging designs to enhance a vehicle's comfort. Thermoplastic car parts can be made to showcase many attractive qualities of appearance and color.

TPE & PVC Increase Vehicle Affordability

PVC & TPE for agricultural equipment, trucks, recreational vehicles and more can give manufacturers excellent cost-performance advantages. As a result, using TPE and PVC in cars can grant more people greater access to higher-quality vehicles.

Choose Americhem Technology for Your Thermoplastic Automotive Applications Today

What's your biggest challenge in the automotive industry? Do you hope to improve your sustainability, or are you more concerned about reducing weight? Whatever the reason, Americhem thermoplastic for automotive applications can help.

We work closely with leading manufacturers to develop advanced PVC and TPE for automotive exterior, interior and under-the-hood applications. Our customized thermoplastic materials can help you achieve the sustainability, durability and protection you seek while delivering top-rated design aesthetics. Thanks to our broad range of materials and advanced processing methods, Americhem can provide the best-customized PVC and TPE compounds for the automotive and transportation industries.