Americhem Polysulfones Compounds & Masterbatch

What are Polysulfones?

Polysulfones, or PSU, are amorphous resins, yielding dimensionally accurate parts, which should be considered when Polycarbonate does not provide enough heat resistance and/or chemical resistance. Polysulfone is transparent, high strength, inherently flame retardant, and has high heat resistance and stability, with great electrical performance. Also, they are hydrolytically stable and resistant to environment cracking, making them stable to repeated cycles of steam sterilization.

The Americhem Advantage in Polysulfones

Americhem has history in the PSU family of polymers providing consistent lot to lot quality in regards to color and performance. We have helped many OEMs with PSU compounds for their medical, electrical, and industrial application needs where the multiple requirements were a perfect fit for PSU.

Medical Instruments
Food & Beverage Processing
Sterilization Trays
Hot Water Applications
Chemical Processing


  • PSU
  • PESU
  • Alloys
Custom Colored
Metal Detectable for Food Processing