Americhem Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Color Development Solutions

With transparent and opaque offerings to support critical Pharma and Nutraceutical applications, Americhem uses industry-leading pigment and UV technology to meet customer needs in many color spaces.

High-Performance Color Development

Americhem optimizes opaque and transparent colors to meet our customers’ color and light transmission requirements. We work with customers to develop the right color to give their packaging a visual identity that commands attention. But color options are only one part of the equation. Our color experts utilize the latest industry technologies and proprietary Americhem solutions to deliver an exact match, every time.

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High Quality Medicine Bottle Standards are a Must

High quality standards for the manufacturing of medicine bottles does not begin and end with superb amber colorant, but it goes much deeper than that. Americhem has passed the rigorous testing for USP 661, which refers to a standardized test that scrutinizes multiple internal reflectance, thermal analysis, nonvolatile residue, and heavy metal reactivity.

Americhem Advantages for Ambers in Pharmaceuticals:

  • Customized Amber colors for private label and major name brands
  • Colors can be designed at fractional usage levels based on customers’ feeding capabilities
  • Colorants are USP tested and certified through an outside lab
  • Documentation for the USP 661.1 , USP 661.2, USP 87, LOA and DMF will be provided upon completion of all testing
Vitamin and mineral supplements
Sports nutrition
Herbal products
Weight management supplements
Pharmaceutical ambers and whites