Americhem Custom Manufacturing

Providing customers with solutions to their development and manufacturing challenges through industry-leading formulation, processing, and testing expertise.

3 Types of Manufacturing; 1 Polymeric Solutions Provider
  1. Toll Manufacturing: The customer specifies a specific formulation, raw materials, and manufacturing process. Raw materials are supplied by the customer.
  2. Contract Manufacturing: The customer specifies a formula and Americhem sources all raw materials, provides equipment, and process know-how to manufacture the product.
  3. Custom Manufacturing: The customer provides end-use requirements or specifications that are Critical to Quality and Americhem designs formulations including any intermediates. We then manage the development of the manufacturing process, choose the right testing procedures, and source the appropriate raw materials.
Do you need help finding the right compound or masterbatch supplier for your project?

At Americhem, we are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. Click the button below to tell us about your wants, needs, or problems you face in your projects; we’ll come up with a compound or masterbatch solution for you.

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The Americhem Advantage in Custom Manufacturing

Americhem’s industry leading knowledge and technology expertise can provide capacity support to existing products or to bring new concepts to full scale production. We have an in-house staff of development and research polymer scientists, process engineers and raw material scientists who perform full thermal, analytical, physical property, weather, and durability testing. On-site, we have end-use conversion processes to validate performance and multiple ISO certifications ensuring quality, compliance, and minimized supply chain risk.

The Custom Manufacturing Process
  1. Develop:  
    1. Intermediate, Compound Formulation, and Process Design
    2. Property Characterization vs. Defined Specifications
    3. Development Scale Trials
  2. Pilot:
    1. Customer validation sized scale-up campaigns
    2. DOE’s to Optimize Process and Application Performance
    3. Prototyping and End-Use Simulation
  3. Production:
    1. Standard Operating Procedure development and control
    2. ISO Certified Quality and Compliance
    3. Testing, Certification, and Packing per Defined Specifications