Americhem Masterbatch Technology

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Custom formulations created based on your color specifications, processing equipment, and end application, which helps to ensure efficient manufacturing.

Let us help you overcome your toughest product and processing challenges with solutions created specifically for you. We develop custom formulations that deliver the best balance of quality, value and production efficiency. And you can trust our outcomes, because we back all of our products with performance-based testing, design, education, and expert support services.

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Custom Color Masterbatch

Receive customized solutions to ensure ideal color design, consistent quality, and enhanced functionality across various polymer types in your end products.

Special Effects

Whether you’re looking for a realistic woodgrain, an impressive metallic effect, or a pearlescent shine, we offer compatible colorants that are customizable for a variety of resins.

Single-Pigment Dispersions

Take advantage of our polymer-specific technologies that incorporate directly into base resins for optimal compatibility, proper viscosity, and full dispersion.

Raising The Bar With Every Batch

For your specific applications, processes, and compatibility needs, you can rely on Americhem’s masterbatch for:

  • Superior performance characteristics
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • Color harmony between materials
  • High-quality dispersion
The Provider Of Choice

Since 1941, Americhem has become one of the largest custom color masterbatch manufacturers in the world, spending years developing partnerships with leading material suppliers across the globe. This has made us the provider of choice for color concentrates, state-of-the-art pigment concentration, and additive technology.