Americhem Chemical & Thermal Resistance Technology

Whether you require a material solution for fossil fuel energy sources, such as oil and gas, or renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, AEC can develop a compound to meet your end-use performance needs.

Chemical & Thermal Resistance

Americhem Engineered Compounds offers Energy technologies in Nylon, PPS and aromatic ketone compounds with glass fiber, carbon fiber, and PTFE for elevated temperature and down hole and compressor plate applications. Our unbiased approach to resin selection, coupled with our extensive technology portfolio of performance additives, provides you unlimited potential.

Chemical pumps and other fluid handling devices come in a variety of sizes, capacities and types. For the right market segment, thermoplastic compounds can offer the right balance of chemical resistance, physical strength, wear resistance, self-lubrication, and cost-effectiveness. As well, depending on the fluid, they can be superior to metals in corrosive environments.

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Chemical Pumps & Other Fluid Handling Equipment

We offer olefin and fluoropolymer base resins for corrosive fluid handling as well as glass and carbon fibers for high burst strengths. Our engineers can assess the chemical resistance and strength requirements for many applications.

If you are requiring a compound that resists the effects of strong chemicals in a variety of pressurized environments we can offer a compound that will help you find a solution. We offer compounding technologies for the fluid handling industry in a variety of resin and filler combinations.


  • PEEK
  • PA66
  • PPS
  • PP
  • PBT
  • ETFE
  • PFA
  • FEP
  • PVDF


  • Glass fiber
  • Carbon fiber
  • PTFE
Creep resistance
Fatigue endurance
Impact resistance
Dimensional stability
Reduce coefficient of friction
Reduce wear
Enhance mechanical and thermal properties
Improve durability