Americhem Advanced Analytical Testing Services

Advanced Testing Technologies

Our experts can help you identify the best possible test methods for achieving your product goals with our in-house capabilities. Americhem’s analytical testing supports technical leadership in the industry, assists in the quality control of Americhem’s products, and contributes to problem solving and troubleshooting.

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Weathering Testing

With one of the largest privately held weathering labs in the industry, Americhem specializes in performing accelerated interior and exterior weathering methods along with access to outdoor weathering test sites in Ohio, Florida, and Arizona.
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Physical Property Analysis

To ensure our materials will withstand the physical integrity needed for our customers’ applications, Americhem’s analytical lab tests for various physical properties to give our customers confidence in our products.
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Thermal Property Analysis

Americhem uses Thermal Analysis to optimize our products, collaborate with our customers to solve their problems, and develop the best formulation in an efficient, professional, and quality manner.
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Centralized Analytical Testing with a Global Reach

Our Analytical and Physical testing facilities are located at our Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio World Headquarters, but each one of our facilities has their own testing technologies and services that ensure our global customers with a global experience from Americhem.

Superior Polymeric Testing

There is a strong need for Analytical Testing in growing industries, such as plastics and synthetic fibers. Our analytical testing spans a wide variety of areas including polymer composition and properties such as:

  1. Melt Point
  2. Glass Transition
  3. Degree Of Crystallinity
  4. Molecular Weight
  5. Thermal Decomposition Temperature