Specialty Surgical Instruments Made from Plastic

When it comes to material performance, surgical instruments and devices tend to have the most rigorous demands. Americhem Engineered Compounds has a complete line of medical grade engineered resins and compounds to meet these demands while complying with biocompatibility standards. AEC provides medical grade materials for surgical instruments and devices used in minimally invasive procedures such as robotic and endoscopic surgery.


Americhem Engineered Compounds is committed to supporting the design of your custom surgical instruments on all three fronts. As more medical device OEMs convert from metal to plastic surgical tools, AEC leads the innovation change with specialty engineered compounds that outperform the competition.

Surgical instruments that come into direct contact with the human body are highly susceptible to contamination and potentially exposing patients to infections. It is critical to select the most appropriate materials when designing and manufacturing tools and instruments used in a surgical procedure. Americhem Engineered Compounds is highly experienced with sourcing and processing biocompatible materials that comply with ISO 10993-5 standard.

Americhem Engineered Compounds has a complete offering of medical-grade material solutions for plastic surgical instruments and devices that provide a balance of mechanical properties while meeting ISO 10993-5 biocompatibility standards.

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Improved Outcomes through Unbiased Material Selection

Americhem Engineered Compounds is committed to technology advancement in the formulation and processing of engineered resins for our medical device customers. Our unbiased approach to resin selection means that our portfolio is open to optimize the design of your specialty compounds. Additionally, we have in-house expertise with blending, alloying, and compounding a host of performance additives for specialty features and performance.

Material functionality and benefits include:

  • Sterilization stability
  • Radio pacifiers
  • Antimicrobials
  • Anti-slip and overmold TPEs
  • Chemical resistance
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