Americhem Custom Formulations

Advanced Formulation Expertise

Americhem has years of expertise in formulating masterbatches and compounds to meet your needs. Pigments, dyes, additives, reinforcing fillers, and polymers are all taken into consideration to exceed customer requirements while minimizing cost and maintaining physical and thermal integrity of the material.

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The Value of Formulation Expertise

With years of experience in designing and developing the right formulation for our customers’ needs, Americhem has the technology to be able to optimize the best formula to allow your product to perform at the highest level.

Our Curiosity Is Your Gain

At Americhem, our business is rooted in solving color and performance challenges. From the beginning, our focus on polymeric research and development has led to groundbreaking technologies. Through the years, our natural curiosity has only grown as we continually embark on proactive research, while also responding to the unique needs of our diverse customer base. Formulation Science is just one part of our world-class R&D expertise.

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Property modeling
Color science
Raw material science