Americhem Polymers for Textile Applications

As a leading supplier to the Textile industry, Americhem provides enhanced property modification for all types of textile fibers. Our custom colors, single pigment dispersions, and additive masterbatches help customers achieve faster speed to market and improve manufacturing efficiencies.

The Americhem Advantage in Textiles

Americhem offers a full range of functional additives to deliver customer desired attributes. Whether it is flame retardancy, UV resistance, or odor protection via antimicrobials, we have the ability to deliver. With our globalized Fiber Design Centers in Dalton, GA, Suzhou, China, Manchester, UK, and Pune, India, our customers can view colors in spunbond fabric, reducing the cycle time associated with product development. We also have Process Simulation machines such as Spunbond pilot lines and high-speed take-up lines for continuous filament capabilities.

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Trend Alert: Smart Textiles are on the Rise

Smart textiles are a growing trend in the industry with leading technology being developed such as moisture wicking fabrics, heat sensitive fabrics, and other adaptive materials. Americhem’s expertise in new product development as well as having such a large R&D team that is committed to making all customers’ products successful, has allowed for endless possibilities in this market segment of Smart Textiles. The time and dedication needed in these projects to ensure optimum performance would not be achieved without an innovation driven R&D team.

Choice of custom colors and a wide range of standard colors
High quality, controlled color
Superior colorfastness and bleach resistance
Ensured lot-to-lot consistency with the tightest color control in the industry
Unparalleled extrusion performance
Rapid product development for faster speed-to-market
Partnership for success