Americhem Engineered Compounds (AEC)

Formulated Value

Custom colored, reinforced, and specialty compounds formulated for specific applications. With short lead times and no minimum order quantity, they reduce complexities in your manufacturing process.

When you need custom colored, reinforced, filled or specialty compounds formulated for a specific application, turn to Americhem. Our engineered compounds bring about the physical properties from structural integrity to lubricity to electrostatic dissipation to flame retardancy; your thermoplastic products need to provide lasting value in the marketplace.

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Weather resistance
Medical grade materials
Structural reinforcement
Wear resistance & lubrication
Electrically conductive
Flame retardancy
Depend On Americhem For Value That Lasts

Choose from more than 30 base engineering resins to find the properties you need to achieve the goals of your product. Our engineered compounds are designed to add value to base resins in industries ranging from automotive to aerospace and medical to military. Whether you need high melt flow resins in an aerospace application or USP VI- and ISO 13485 certified resins for medical applications, we have you covered.

All This And Color, Too

Don’t forget that working with Americhem means working with custom color experts who can help you achieve the perfect look to complement your high-tech product. Americhem’s engineered compounds are available globally with no minimum order quantity restrictions and short lead times. You receive fast turnarounds on orders, so you can bring your product to market faster, and work with lower lot sizes to reduce complexities in your manufacturing process. You’ll benefit from tailored products without any delays that can come with customized solutions.