Americhem Engineered Compounds (AEC) & Engineered Thermoplastics

As a specialty engineered thermoplastic compounder, Americhem excels at providing custom compound solutions tailored to our customers’ unique performance requirements. Learn how we create made-to-order polymers from a wide range of base resins formulated with advanced additive technologies to achieve desired characteristics in your final product.


Commercially available off-the-shelf polymers don’t always fulfill the requirements of a specific product application, nor do they help manufacturers gain a competitive advantage within their market. Americhem’s chemical engineers will analyze your application and manufacturing process to develop custom-engineered compounds that meet or exceed physical property, quality,and cost targets. Whether you need to achieve an exact color match, greater structural integrity, flame retardancy, electrostatic dissipation or lubricity, our engineered thermoplastic products provide lasting performance and differentiation while reducing complexities during production.

engineered compounds


Americhem’s engineered compounds begin with a base polymer resin that is carefully selected based on your industry and application. We offer over 30 resin systems with different attributes that define their suitability for a particular use.

At our custom compounding facilities, a proprietary mix of resins, color additives, product additives, fillers and impact modifiers are combined, melted, extruded and cut into pellets or beads that deliver a uniform dispersion of color and desired enhancements. This specialty compounding is both an art and a science, requiring extensive materials expertise, knowledge and innovation.

Americhem’s compounding capabilities are built upon our 75-year history and the legacy brand of LTL Color Compounders, acquired by Americhem to strengthen our broad portfolio of engineered thermoplastic compounds.


Americhem offers custom compounds for aerospace, automotive, truck and rail, watercraft, electronics, medical device, packaging, building and construction, and other markets requiring high-performance polymer solutions. Our customized approach to product development includes careful consideration of all ingredients and materials, prototype development, physical property and accelerating weather testing, ongoing analysis, regulatory compliance support and unmatched customer service. From locked formulations that ensure total quality and repeatability to short lead times and no minimum order quantities, we spare no effort to drive your success.


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Americhem sources the finest raw materials to produce our custom-engineered compounds. Our dedicated team will work alongside you to create unique solutions that meet every challenge while exploring opportunities for product differentiation and improvement. Managing every aspect of the custom compound process from end to end enables us to maintain tight control of quality and timing from the development cycle through delivery without any delays.

All This And Color, Too

Don’t forget that working with Americhem means working with custom color experts who can help you achieve the perfect look to complement your high-tech product. Our engineered compounds can be pre-colored to match virtually any color mark while meeting functional requirements such as weatherability at an optimized cost. And with our yearly Color Trends palettes, you can take advantage of global market research and expert forecasting to stay ahead of industry-specific trends.