Americhem Polymer Fencing Technology

Polymeric fencing is one of the fastest-growing sub-segments of the Building and Construction industry. As darker colors have become increasingly important in the fence market, Americhem has been helping the industry move in the direction of darker colors and offering the most realistic woodgrain appearances consumers can get.

Trend Alert: Indoor Living Space Trends Extend Outdoors

Market trends are moving beyond the old white, glossy, functional polymeric fence. Consumers are expecting realistic natural looks that extend the outdoor living space following the trends of indoor living spaces, which include wood-like appearances and bold dark colors. Are you working with a partner who can deliver these types of solutions in many forms such as masterbatch, additive blends, or a full pre-color compound? Americhem’s technical expertise can help with product development to address today’s needs in a variety of forms.

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Exclusive Partnership Advantages

Today, more than ever, consumer trends are driving a need for more durable, longer-lasting and attractive polymeric building material masterbatches in a wider variety of colors. Americhem can help you design your products to meet the needs of even your most discerning customers – all while helping you improve your bottom line.

Low Maintenance
Dark Colors
Wood-like appearance