Americhem 3D Additive Manufacturing Products

Custom Compounds for Custom Processes

As the Additive Manufacturing industry progresses beyond tooling, jigs, fixtures and prototype parts, demands on dimensional control, isotropic performance and surface quality continue to be paramount along with demands for faster cycle time during production. 

Americhem Engineered Compounds has extensive knowhow in compounding technology and decades of experience in formulating solutions with thermoplastic fillers and additives. We work closely with our customers to provide you with the materials that meet your specific processes and application requirements.

Do you need help finding the right compound or masterbatch supplier for your project?

At Americhem, we are committed to developing polymeric solutions for our customers that face an array of challenges during their manufacturing processes. Click the button below to tell us about your wants, needs, or problems you face in your projects; we’ll come up with a compound or masterbatch solution for you.

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Formulation Expertise

Compounds for Additive Manufacturing have unique requirements, including particle size, viscosity, and tight tolerances. We understand how to formulate materials that pass UL Blue Card standards, ISO 10993 biomedical standards, and other stringent requirements.

Compounds for Additive Manufacturing have unique requirements as they are highly dependent on the machine manufacturer’s process. Americhem Engineered Compounds is dedicated to supporting the industry with specialty formulations to meet your specific requirements.