Americhem’s “Context of the Organization” is our corporate biography. It defines the influences of various elements on our quality management system. It takes into account factors such as our culture, objectives and goals, complexity of products, flow of processes and information, size, markets, customers, and more.  It is also a means to detect risks and opportunities regarding the business context. You can read more below or download the context of the organization as a PDF.

Americhem is the color and performance additive provider of choice to the world’s top polymer processors. Americhem’s offerings are used in many market segments such as building products, synthetic fibers, packaging & containers, film & sheet, and automotive & transportation. Americhem is a privately owned company with a global footprint. Americhem has grown considerably over its first seventy-five years of existence and will continue to focus upon its customers as well as stakeholders.

At Americhem we are continually defining the scope of our business. In doing so, in an objective and unbiased way, we consider the internal and external issues that are relevant to the company’s purpose and direction.   These are matters which could impact our business strategy, such as new technologies, potential market forces and any topics that have a bearing on the company’s success.

We accomplish this by identifying the relevant interested parties, those who have a significant effect on our ability to meet customers’ requirements. We strive to address their needs and expectations within the context of our business model. We recognize in today’s intensely competitive global market that this may involve the latest technical innovations and alternative manufacturing techniques.

As part of Americhem’s business strategy, we determine the key functions in our organization and address the current risks and opportunities associated with each. This includes defining the inputs and outputs of these processes as well as their interactions.

We routinely document the results of our analyses, and formally monitor the metrics for effectiveness. Our aim is to manage, control, and continually improve our business.