Americhem Announces New Global Sustainability Leader

Published 06/04/2024

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (June 4th, 2024) – Americhem, Inc., a global industry leader in innovative polymer solutions, announced that it has named Lauren Lutikoff as their new Global Sustainability Leader. This effort comes in connection to Americhem’s global sustainability campaign, “Americhem, a Sustainability Enabler,” that was announced at the end of 2023.

In her new position, Lauren will play a central role in integrating sustainability across all facets of Americhem’s business, spanning market strategy, customer relations, technology, and operational excellence. This integration aims to bolster Americhem’s competitive edge while elevating sustainable practices as a distinguishing factor for Americhem. “I am very excited to spearhead Americhem’s mission to drive sustainable innovation and environmental stewardship across all regions, ensuring that our commitment to a greener future is realized through every action and initiative,” said Lauren.

Also, as the leader of Americhem’s Sustainability Advisory Council, Lauren will drive cross-functional sustainability efforts, facilitating collaboration among diverse teams and empower employees to actively contribute to Americhem’s sustainability objectives. Lauren will also take charge of enhancing customer and industry awareness regarding Americhem's journey towards sustainability.

Americhem’s CEO, John Richard stated “Embarking on our sustainability journey is more than just a commitment; it's a pledge for the future. Our mission is to lead with integrity, innovate responsibly, and inspire change.”

For any questions regarding Americhem’s sustainability journey, please visit or reach out to Lauren Lutikoff at

About Americhem

Americhem is an innovative, technology-driven leader in the global polymer industry. Its foundation is built around delivering Performance, Solutions and Trust through close collaboration with customers. All of the company's products are backed by complete technical support that ensures quality, reliability, and value. Americhem operates 10 manufacturing plants and maintains sales offices throughout the world.

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