Americhem and Nexeo Plastics Announce New Partnership for Engineered Compounds Distribution Across North America

Published 11/20/2023

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (November 21st, 2023) – Americhem, Inc., a global industry leader in innovative polymer solutions, is pleased to announce they have launched a new partnership with Nexeo Plastics for engineered compounds distribution across North America. Effective November 1, 2023, Nexeo Plastics will serve as the preferred distributor of Americhem's full range of engineered compounds in North America, encompassing Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

This strategic move underscores Americhem’s commitment to delivering top-tier engineered compounds, polymer solutions, and service to customers throughout North America.

Americhem CEO, John Richard added, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Americhem’s journey. Combining our strengths and expertise in compounding with Nexeo’s distribution platform allows us to drive innovation and create unparalleled value for our customers. Together, we are poised to redefine standards, foster growth, and shape an expansive future for our customers.”

Nexeo Plastics CEO, Paul Tayler, expressed his enthusiasm for this agreement, stating, "We are thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Americhem and expand our distribution capabilities for their engineered compounds. This partnership aligns with our mission to provide exceptional value to our customers by offering the highest quality materials and expertise to meet application challenges."

Americhem’s array of engineered compounds covered by this agreement includes ColorFast®, ColorRx®, InColor®, InElec®, InLube®, and InStruc®. Americhem's product portfolio is renowned for high quality tailored compounds that meet customers' unique requirements by optimizing performance and aesthetic properties such as structural integrity, lubricity, electrostatic dissipation, flame retardancy, critical color and more within thermoplastic products.

Each of Americhem's product lines feature distinctive characteristics, offering customers a spectrum of options to address specific needs and enhance the performance of their products. With this partnership, Americhem hopes to reach more regions and markets to deliver their customer engineered solutions.

For more information about Americhem and Nexeo Plastics, please visit their respective websites.

Media Contact – Americhem

Steve Schlegel

Media Contact – Nexeo Plastics

Lindsay Bosnjak

About Americhem

Americhem is a renowned global innovator and producer of personalized color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and cutting-edge performance technologies. Their core mission revolves around delivering Performance, Solutions, and Trust by fostering strong partnerships with customers aiming to enhance the performance of their polymer products. Every product they offer is underpinned by comprehensive technical assistance, guaranteeing excellence, dependability, and value. Americhem maintains manufacturing facilities and sales offices across the globe, with central research and development facilities and headquarters situated in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

About Nexeo Plastics

Nexeo Plastics was founded as General Polymers in 1973 and is a leading global thermoplastic resin and compound distributor. Serving over 60 countries with over 20,000 products in various industries, including mobility, healthcare, packaging, wire and cable, and more.  The company is known for its extensive network of suppliers and customers, enabling it to offer a diverse portfolio of plastic materials and solutions. Nexeo Plastics aims to serve as a strategic partner to help businesses in different sectors meet their specific plastic needs, whether that involves material selection, technical support, or supply chain management.

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