Americhem Presented at the CPRJ Medical Plastic & Rubber Conference

Published 12/03/2019


Suzhou, China (Dec. 3rd , 2019) – Americhem, a globally recognized designer and manufacturer of custom color masterbatch, functional additives, engineered compounds, and performance technologies, presented at the 2nd CPRJ Medical Plastic & Rubber Conference. Mr. S. Mani, Director of Technology & Business Development for Americhem- Asia Pacific, delivered a keynote speech on “High Performance Engineered Compounds and Coloring Solutions for Medical Devices” for over 300 professional delegates from the medical field.

“Due to strict legal provisions and high recall costs, medical device manufacturers are paying more attention to the quality of their selected materials. The global market for medical engineered compounds is expected to reach $33.5 billion by 2025. Digitalization is transforming the industry in ways such as robotic surgery, telehealth, artificial organs, and other ground breaking medical technologies,” says Mani.

Americhem’s medical engineered compounds, ColorRx®, have been successfully used in surgical instruments, respiratory devices, housings and enclosures, drug delivery systems, labware and diagnostic equipment, catheters and tubing, and other medical device applications.

Americhem can offer globally:

  • Full range of biocompatible clear, tinted and opaque pre-colored compounds
  • Medical certification compliancy
  • Flexible TPEs for instrument overmold to ensure anti-slippage
  • Gamma stable compounds for reduced color shift
  • Radiopaque compounds for visibility under x-ray and fluoroscopy applications
  • Antimicrobials to protect against infection
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